The Importance of Living With Passion

I’m no relationship guru, but I’ve gone to realize the importance of passion when it comes to strong relationships. And when I refer to the importance of passion, I mean two things – 1. having your own passions and  2. exploring your partner’s passions.

First. Being passionate about something is the foundation of contentment in life. Starting with the self will help you find your purpose in this world. Then, once that purpose is realized, it leads to joy and happiness, and that leads to feeling useful, accomplished and able to spread all of that goodness to those around you.

yoga in bali

Second. Taking an interest and exploring your partner’s passions sets the foundation to strong, lifelong relationships. I’ve only been married for two years, but I see this point proven in several couples that surround me. I’ll start with my parents. They have been married for 36 years and still enjoy each other’s company and feel deep love for one another. My father has always been passionate about the game of golf and my mother took up golf at the age of 45 so she could play with my dad. Golf is now a fun activity they do together. More recently, my husband has taken an interest in yoga because of my passion for the practice. Being a former college athlete and intense worker-outer that he is, yoga is something that was way out of his comfort zone. Now, Greg now makes a point to join me at yoga at least once a week, and it warms my heart every time he is right there next to me on the mat. Yoga is now something we do together and a topic that brings up engaging conversation between the two of us. Watching him explore things that I love brings about a new attraction, making me fall deeper in love.

shelby and greg

According to one of my daily devotional books, 365 Devotions to Embrace What Matters Most, “Your passions are desires, interests, or activities that are lit by an unquenchable flame. They burn deep. When you dwell on them, you feel an energy that drives and satisfies. Your passions matter because they are your first and best clues to recognizing your life’s purpose.”

Passion fuels smiles, love and adventure. If you feel stuck or unhappy for no apparent reason, it would be a good exercise to explore your passions. Find something that energizes you and run with it. Your new energy will attract others and maybe get them excited too! It’s reciprical from there… Just replicate the positive feelings and take an interest in your partner’s passions. The result is fresh excitement that continues to grow in all areas of your life.

I found a great article on the Huffington Post that defines passion as “the rocket fuel of life; it is the energetic driving force behind anything that is done with excellence. When we bring passion to what we do, others feel it.” The article also compares passion to champagne. It notes that “a passionless relationship is like a champagne without the bubbles.” However, when we have a relationship WITH passion, “we understand what makes us tick and make choices based on the directives of our internal compass, we flow from one positively stimulating experience to the next.”

I hope this post inspires you to focus on your passions and share them with others. I believe that bringing passion into your life will result in a boost of self confidence, a renewed love for your partner, and a glow that radiates to those around you.

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3 thoughts on “The Importance of Living With Passion

  1. Beautiful blog today Shelby. Spot on!!! Nothing is better than having common interests with your mate. Makes life so much sweeter. Good job.


    1. Thanks Miss Cairn! You and Mr. Tom are another wonderful example of long-lasting love. 🙂 It warms my heart that you read my blog!


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